Monday, February 3, 2014

The Delta Boxing Day Sale: LAX for a few hours – The Standard and the LA Hotel Downtown

I originally had booked a Super Shuttle from the airport but at the last minute was able to get a ride from my friend. Delta dropped us off at Terminal 6 and I had told her to meet me at Terminal 5.  SO I had to get over there, a Delta golf cart pulled up and the driver asked if anyone needed a ride, I said yes and we sped up down the tunnel to Terminal 5. It almost felt like the Thai golf cart in BKK hehe.

Golf cart
 My friend dropped me off at the LA Hotel Downtown; this property used to be a Marriott and will become a Hyatt Regency later this year.

LA Hotel Downtown

LA Hotel Downtown

Then it was off to The Standard. Here’s a quick tip. Have a drink there before dinner and get a wristband, which allows you to skip the line later if you return after dinner.

First time here, nice pool, not too excessive with the cocktail prices ($13 for a Moscow Mule) after some catching up it was time for dinner.

Since it was LA Restaurant Week, lots of places were full but we made reservations at Rosa Mexicano. We ordered way too much food and might have gone overboard on the chips. Several Margaritas later, the entrees arrived and we were stuffed. We barely touched our entrees, asked for doggie bags and offered it to a Homeless person who seemed honestly grateful for the food.

The Standard
waay too much food

LA Live

 And then back to the hotel for a few hours…

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