Monday, February 3, 2014

The Delta Boxing Day Sale: LAX-ATL on the 77L

Delta 80
Los Angeles (LAX) to Atlanta (ATL)
9:00 – 4:01 PM, 4:01 hour flight
Business Class – 2D
Food – Breakfast
Equipment: Boeing 777-200ER/LR (77L)

I slightly "overpaid" ;) just to get this plane (relative to the other tickets); my total ticket price was C$146.74 versus C$ 90-110 for the other tickets. But how many times can you try the 77L! :D

61 upgrade requests for 0 seats… feeling a little bit sorry for WIM/C

Same cabin crew as yesterday, (DTW based) and I was kind of surprised to see them cross trained on an international configured plane. Since it was early morning and they didn’t have any sparkling wine, it was Screwdriver time! Towards the end of the flight I made the switch back to my regular Jack and Coke Zeros hehe

Uhm, what ever happened to one carryon and one personal item?



The great story behind this neighborhood near LAX can be found at Surfridge
Surfridge (Playa del Rey)


The seat was pretty good for napping but I felt that it lacked privacy. At times it felt like you were staring into the person across the aisle. Maybe taller walls would have helped a bit. Just 3:16 flight time and we were approaching Atlanta…

Wonder what airport this might be? :)