Monday, February 3, 2014

The Delta Boxing Day Sale: ATL-LAX and “The Club at ATL”

Delta 370
Atlanta (ATL) to Los Angeles (LAX)
3:15 PM  – 5:19 PM, 5:04 duration
Business Class – 2E
Food – Lunch
Equipment: Boeing 767-300 (76P/76Q)

I did my research in advance, and at first I debated doing a tour of SkyClubs but later found out that a new club “The Club at ATL” had opened up in Terminal F, the International one. I had over an hour to burn so decided to board the train and do the trek to F.

Bar Area

 Sandwiches and Salad

 Sandwiches and Salad
Lounge view

It was now time to fly the 763 to LAX. I booked it thinking it was an international configuration, but soon discovered the horrible pitch that awaited me on my flight to Los Angeles. 37-38 pitch but it felt like the infamous Thai Airbus 300. Passengers were reclining their seats even during the takeoff roll but the crew didn't realize it


Cabin - Leg Room


Delta Cheeseburger

Decided to try the Delta Burger, it gets tons of praise on the Delta forum and for a burger at 35,000 pretty darn good, could be a bit less well done, but not bad. Several more Jack and Coke Zeros and we were landing in LAX.

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