Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trying out LAN's new Business Class (with 787 Seats) IPC to LIM

Me in front of the famous Easter Island/Transit sign:

Seat: 2D, then 2A and 2C for photos.

After a few days exploring Easter Island it was time to head down to Buenos Aires.  I head off to the Airport, covered in dust after 2 days of exploration.  I highly recommend renting a car since you can explore more of the Island than on the day tours.

IPC Airport is small but cozy. I checked in at the only Business Class desk and was given my Boarding Pass for 2D from IPC-LIM and then IPC-EZE. I inquired about a lounge but was told that none are available (More on this later)...
I went through secuirty, a simple process, no need to remove liquids nor shoes.  Simple and calm.
The departure lounge is small with a bar and a gift shop, and then found the non-existent VIP lounge. I walked in and it looked like someone's house, with a small kitchen, some sofas arranged like a living room. There were no employees inside and after determine that there was no alcohol nor snack, I left it and continued walking around.

The "Lounge"

About an hour later, it was time to board the plane. Now, I've flown LAN J plenty of times, I recognize the seats/interior by heart. Dark wood walls and dark seats. Nice and professional.

So as soon as I see this, I had to ask the FA if it was a new plane due to the odd interior. She said yes, the plane was just a few weeks old. But it didn't have that new plane smell hehe

So I started trying out the seat, it's almost the same but slightly different. Power plugs are in the back of the seats, so it's easy unplug yourself by accident while changing positions. Another negative, the seat controls have less pre-programmed options so it takes awhile to get into the right positions.
Pluses: Some more room for drinks in-between seats and the IFE now displays how much time you have till landing.

Dinner: Turkey with a Dried Fruit Stuffing, LAN's take on the Thanksgiving meal...

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