Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome to Budapest!

Beer time... :)
What can I say, there is something in the Eastern European water supply. as soon as I got out of the airport, all I could see was one beauty after another. On a scale, it was full of 8 or higher, a true change.

I made my way to my hostel, Carpe Noctem, and I sure was glad I picked that hostel, almost as fast as I could say Budapest, one of the staff members offered me some hot tea and started explaining me some of the highlights. On a social note, the hostel organized pub crawls every night, at 8 pm the whole staff basically closed down the place for a free pub crawl. Most of these nights ended up as a blurry memory hehehe. when I’m on the road I can be drinking till late and then after just 4 hours be up and running, I only had 3 days in Budapest so I needed to use them wisely.

The first day after a night of heavy drinking I started exploring the city, the city is a really two distinct creatures, each with its own style, architecture and history. I started out in Pest, exploring such sites as Parliament, inspired by the British parliament, it is a stunning building and holds the crown jewels. I was able to enter for free due to my European Union citizenship, one of the perks of being a global citizen.
Chubby guard watchin the Jewels...

After a heavy day of exploring it was back to the hostel, talking with other guests, the conversation started to focus on military girlfriends, one of the girls at the hostel was an American girl with a huge rack, impossible to avoid, she was hooking up every night with a new guy, all while still in a relationship. Her “Serious boyfriend” was in the army, gotta feel bad for the guy dodging bullets while his girl is playing around. The more time I spend on the road, the more interesting things I discover, she’s not the first “Serious relationship” girl that I’ve seen playing around, as a matter of fact, I’ve picked up my fair share of girls that are in relationships (yes, I know that might bring some bad Karma in the future), but somehow cheating on someone when the person is dodging bullets, that just seems low.

Museum of Torture

They painted the Red Star Gold....

So it’s my last night in Budapest, 6 or 7 AM flight, what to do, go out and party, met up with this group of Austrians, cool guys and girls, started talking to a cute Brunette, hope from one place to another… returned to my hostel on Drunken Autopilot, that phrase coined by a friend describes the way I can find my way back to my hostel or hotel no matter how hammered I am, it’s funny, somehow at 4 AM, I have an internal GPS system or something. I got back to my hostel, grabbed by bag and caught the first tram/train to the airport. I checked in, headed into the lounge had another drink and waited for my quick flight to Warsaw. Once I got to Warsaw, the border guard started to question me, hum wonder why, a guy in a fluorescent green t-shirt, looking like a train wreck and not speaking a word of Polish, trying to enter Poland on a Polish passport hehe… Keep it Classy Andrew!

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