Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome to Jordan!

Just don't ask him for directions! hehe

I landed in Amman, straight off a long and crappy flight from Bangkok on Royal Jordanian... I quickly found the airport express stop and started talking to some other passengers who were on my same flight.
 I discovered that one of them was staying at the same hostel that I had booked, a small hostel/hotel with a front desk staff that had no clue what they were doing, but it was relatively centric and only 4 JD , I later stayed at a slightly better place for 3 JD (Cliff Hostel) this place was even better located without the need to climb a steep hill.. 
So my new travel friend and I decided to stick together for a few days, we explored downtown Amman, really don’t budget more than 24 to 30 hours, since it's a large but compact city. At the roman amphitheater a group of local students was celebrating some sort of event. They chanted and waved a Jordanian flag, we observed it for awhile and then proceeded to get lost around town and indulge on Falafel sandwiches, in front of cliffs there is a place that serves them for 50 or 70 dinar cents, and they were really good and tasty! The city can show you some interesting surprises, such as a sex shop with sexy police outfits, some of the freshest fruit I had seen in awhile and some delicious sweets!
Local School Girls celebrating!

SEXY Time! Jordan style!

A copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls....

The next day we went to the bus station to try to catch a minibus towards Petra.

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