Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trying to SIN in SIN!

Trying to SIN in SIN!

Welcome to SINgapore, yeah I'm going to make that joke a few more times, so please accept my apologies for over using that cliché in advance! After my horror story of a trip in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, I was looking forward to anything different. But I wasn't exactly ready for such a clean cut city. Singapore is a great city if you want to do business, want to connect at the airport or want to taste "South East Asia" without the grit or chaos of other cities in the region. But that chaos is what gives SEA its flavor but that's missing here. I had about 20 hours to kill in the city and after grabbing a city map, I was basically done after 3 or 4 hours. The one cool and overpriced thing to do is the Wheel, similar to the eye of London; it offers you a great view of the city during a smooth turn. 
View of the city at night...

hehehe... $000 fine... :)

I didn't really have the proper attire to visit the Raffles hotel (I learned my lesson, a nice wrinkle free dress shirt is now part of my backpacker attire, combine with a clean jeans and sneakers and you can fit in 85% of the time) I stayed in the Chinatown area, this is a trend I'm noticing around the world, cheap hostels are usually in the Chinatown area, no matter what city. Also they are usually pretty much in the center of town, which makes for some easy walking exploration.  Overall the city is better than Kuala Lumpur, but KL set a very low standard.

Street food wise I did find a little gem at a local restaurant. Jew Ears... I didn't order them, but have been wondering what was the intended meaning, chi-English aside...

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