Monday, September 6, 2010

A pair of Twin towers and that’s about it... 30 hour in Kuala Lumpur

Typical thing to expect in KL...

I must admit, I try to be open-minded about new cities, I’m willing to give a city of the benefit of doubt almost until I leave, but Kuala Lumpur or KL, as the locals call it, has to be one of the worst cities I’ve visited so far this year, let me start with the basics, I’m not a big shopper, to me a huge deluxe mall is probably the last thing that I would visit, unfortunately KL is basically a huge mall, whatever you want, Electronics, Clothing, Perfumes, just about everything can be found in a mall….. The city is favorite getaway for Arabs looking to escape the Gulf heat and stay in a Muslim country. 

Just about the only interesting thing in town...
Petronas at night!

They do have a historical downtown, pretty decrepit but with some potential, and a rotating restaurant which is bargain compared to other sites, so as you can see the city does have some positive things… the bad thing, simply put the locals! From getting wrong directions at the bus station, I asked repetitedly if a certain bus was heading across the border to Singapore, I was reassured that yes, it was, only to later be dumped at a border city some half an hour from the border crossing,. Having a great food experience at a particular street stand only to get served a crappy cold when I went to the same guy a few hours later… the city is a place that I doubt would visit again, simply not worth it if you are not interested in shopping…

All cabbies basically want to rip you off, more than other cities, even if it says "Metered" they insist that the meter is not working!

If you want to visit the PETRONAS towers, you need to line up early in the morning, because they hand out tickets at 8.30 AM first come , first serve, they are free but the wait can be excruciating at times. My advice: go to the main communication tower, enjoy a lovely meal at the revolving restaurant or simply pay to go up. The PETRONAS towers dominate the KL skyline and not having them in your picture is just weird. 

Be careful when planning a side trip to Malacca, a former Portuguese colonial town, it has some great architecture, but the tours, even those sponsored by the main official tourism agency are rip-off, the guides hurry you up from one site to another and don’t give you even a few minutes to enjoy the city or sights. We spent more time at a lunch, then visiting the city. I was able to find a very good shop in Malacca, specializing in unique t-shirts, my Play Safe and my I’m Hot T-shirts were bought here and I only wished they sold them online because they have some real cool designs…
I got this shirt in Black! :)
Old Portuguese building
I sooo wanted to ring/strike the bell after they said I can't! :)

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