Monday, February 3, 2014

The Delta Boxing Day Sale: LAX-ATL on the 77L

Delta 80
Los Angeles (LAX) to Atlanta (ATL)
9:00 – 4:01 PM, 4:01 hour flight
Business Class – 2D
Food – Breakfast
Equipment: Boeing 777-200ER/LR (77L)

I slightly "overpaid" ;) just to get this plane (relative to the other tickets); my total ticket price was C$146.74 versus C$ 90-110 for the other tickets. But how many times can you try the 77L! :D

61 upgrade requests for 0 seats… feeling a little bit sorry for WIM/C

Same cabin crew as yesterday, (DTW based) and I was kind of surprised to see them cross trained on an international configured plane. Since it was early morning and they didn’t have any sparkling wine, it was Screwdriver time! Towards the end of the flight I made the switch back to my regular Jack and Coke Zeros hehe

Uhm, what ever happened to one carryon and one personal item?



The great story behind this neighborhood near LAX can be found at Surfridge
Surfridge (Playa del Rey)


The seat was pretty good for napping but I felt that it lacked privacy. At times it felt like you were staring into the person across the aisle. Maybe taller walls would have helped a bit. Just 3:16 flight time and we were approaching Atlanta…

Wonder what airport this might be? :)

The Delta Boxing Day Sale: LAX for a few hours – The Standard and the LA Hotel Downtown

I originally had booked a Super Shuttle from the airport but at the last minute was able to get a ride from my friend. Delta dropped us off at Terminal 6 and I had told her to meet me at Terminal 5.  SO I had to get over there, a Delta golf cart pulled up and the driver asked if anyone needed a ride, I said yes and we sped up down the tunnel to Terminal 5. It almost felt like the Thai golf cart in BKK hehe.

Golf cart
 My friend dropped me off at the LA Hotel Downtown; this property used to be a Marriott and will become a Hyatt Regency later this year.

LA Hotel Downtown

LA Hotel Downtown

Then it was off to The Standard. Here’s a quick tip. Have a drink there before dinner and get a wristband, which allows you to skip the line later if you return after dinner.

First time here, nice pool, not too excessive with the cocktail prices ($13 for a Moscow Mule) after some catching up it was time for dinner.

Since it was LA Restaurant Week, lots of places were full but we made reservations at Rosa Mexicano. We ordered way too much food and might have gone overboard on the chips. Several Margaritas later, the entrees arrived and we were stuffed. We barely touched our entrees, asked for doggie bags and offered it to a Homeless person who seemed honestly grateful for the food.

The Standard
waay too much food

LA Live

 And then back to the hotel for a few hours…

The Delta Boxing Day Sale: ATL-LAX and “The Club at ATL”

Delta 370
Atlanta (ATL) to Los Angeles (LAX)
3:15 PM  – 5:19 PM, 5:04 duration
Business Class – 2E
Food – Lunch
Equipment: Boeing 767-300 (76P/76Q)

I did my research in advance, and at first I debated doing a tour of SkyClubs but later found out that a new club “The Club at ATL” had opened up in Terminal F, the International one. I had over an hour to burn so decided to board the train and do the trek to F.

Bar Area

 Sandwiches and Salad

 Sandwiches and Salad
Lounge view

It was now time to fly the 763 to LAX. I booked it thinking it was an international configuration, but soon discovered the horrible pitch that awaited me on my flight to Los Angeles. 37-38 pitch but it felt like the infamous Thai Airbus 300. Passengers were reclining their seats even during the takeoff roll but the crew didn't realize it


Cabin - Leg Room


Delta Cheeseburger

Decided to try the Delta Burger, it gets tons of praise on the Delta forum and for a burger at 35,000 pretty darn good, could be a bit less well done, but not bad. Several more Jack and Coke Zeros and we were landing in LAX.

The Delta Boxing Day Sale: LGA-ATL and Terminal D at LaGuardia

Delta 1647
New York (LGA) to Atlanta (ATL)
11:00 – 1:38 PM, 2:38 duration
First  Class – 3C
Food – Lunch
Equipment: McDonnell Douglas MD-88

I tried to do a Same Day Confirm the day before, but since my ATL-LAX was booked into C, it was impossible to change the flights. I asked for advice on the Delta forum, @DeltaAssist but no go, so I was stuck with my original routing.

So it’s a cold January Saturday morning and I’m on my usual Q72 bus to LaGuardia, since I board the bus at the first stop, I have a seat for the quick 25 minute ride till I reach Terminal D. Seems like construction is still ongoing and after a short walk, I was able to find the PreCheck line. A few minutes later, I’m in the SkyClub.


SkyClub at LGA

Boarding started at 10:25 and a mini free for all started when “People who need additional time” were allowed to board before first. I’m OK with wheelchairs boarding early and other legitimate cases. But several people with 5 year olds boarded just to get the overhead space.

I’m used to MadDogs, but the 88 is a rare one for me. All the seats had a mini bottle of water (nice touch) and the FA came around offering PDBs! (a great plus), had a Coke Zero and we were off


The Sandwich was ok, a bit dry but on a hub to hub flight with minimal competition, and it wasn’t bad. Now the fruit salad, while it looked good, was simply horrible, tasted like a breakfast leftover. The cake came with a little surprise!

Chocolate HAIR Cake anyone

Chocolate HAIR Cake anyone?

Several Jack and Coke Zeros later we landed in ATL.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trying out LAN's new Business Class (with 787 Seats) IPC to LIM

Me in front of the famous Easter Island/Transit sign:

Seat: 2D, then 2A and 2C for photos.

After a few days exploring Easter Island it was time to head down to Buenos Aires.  I head off to the Airport, covered in dust after 2 days of exploration.  I highly recommend renting a car since you can explore more of the Island than on the day tours.

IPC Airport is small but cozy. I checked in at the only Business Class desk and was given my Boarding Pass for 2D from IPC-LIM and then IPC-EZE. I inquired about a lounge but was told that none are available (More on this later)...
I went through secuirty, a simple process, no need to remove liquids nor shoes.  Simple and calm.
The departure lounge is small with a bar and a gift shop, and then found the non-existent VIP lounge. I walked in and it looked like someone's house, with a small kitchen, some sofas arranged like a living room. There were no employees inside and after determine that there was no alcohol nor snack, I left it and continued walking around.

The "Lounge"

About an hour later, it was time to board the plane. Now, I've flown LAN J plenty of times, I recognize the seats/interior by heart. Dark wood walls and dark seats. Nice and professional.

So as soon as I see this, I had to ask the FA if it was a new plane due to the odd interior. She said yes, the plane was just a few weeks old. But it didn't have that new plane smell hehe

So I started trying out the seat, it's almost the same but slightly different. Power plugs are in the back of the seats, so it's easy unplug yourself by accident while changing positions. Another negative, the seat controls have less pre-programmed options so it takes awhile to get into the right positions.
Pluses: Some more room for drinks in-between seats and the IFE now displays how much time you have till landing.

Dinner: Turkey with a Dried Fruit Stuffing, LAN's take on the Thanksgiving meal...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sleeping at the Haneda TIAT Sky Lounge!

the public lounge...

AA has had some great deals to Japan, trying to get people on their new Tokyo flights. Haneda Airport is about 45 min from Asakusa, and a quick and efficent subway ride from all the attractions, the bad thing is that Tokyo Public transportation closes down from midnight till just before 5 AM, and the AA flight gets into Haneda at 10:15 and leaves at 6:40 AM, so it's a mad dash to catch one of the alst trains of the night and leaves amny people in a diifcult position, take a cab to Haneda (while less than Narita, spending US$ 80 on a cab just doesn't fit my profile), plus I could spend the money on booze or other flights...

At first, I had booked myself for two nights in a hostel in Asakusa, but the more I looked at it, the more I realized I would be sleeping at Haneda before my flight, so cancelled the second night at the Hostel and after 15 hours walking around town, grabbed my bag from the Hostel and took a well deserved shower...

So I made my way to Haneda, I was exhausted and dead after sleeping almost nothing, drinking at the Hostel after my flight and sleeping only 3 hours... so I was up and exploring the city at 5 AM...

AA check-in desks were closed, it was 8 hours before the flight, but I was able to use the kiosk to get my boarding pass. I think Delta has a LAX fight that leaves close to midnight, so if you are flying Delta you can either get your boarding pass from a self service machine (this only works if you have carryons or had your luggage interlined already). 

So with my boarding pass in hand, I went out and found the public lounge at Haneda, a great little gem, unlike other lounges that require business class or above boarding passes or elite cards, this one was open to all for just Y1000, around 12 bucks... a bargain, no free booze, but they have unlimited Sodas, Water, teas, Coffees and some decent prices for food and booze. Y300 or 400 for a beer (no beer machines).
Juices, Cokes and Water... :)

main area of the lounge, sorry for the horrible lighting...

desks and common area of the lounge

The best part is that it is open 24 hours a day, so even if the JAL lounge closes at 1 AM< you can stay all night at Haneda and don't worry about missing your flight.  The lounge also offers several little cubicles with a sofa and leg erst, which make for a decent sleeping option. Set your cell phone alarm and it's better than several of the hostels I've slept in..

my bed.. the pillow is attached to the sofa by a small cable... weird...
looks like a cubicle farm
Ok, everything so far seems great, but there are a few downsides... this lounge is located AFTER security, so you need a boarding pass to reach it. I have another HND flight this week and since my next flight leaves out of NRT, I will be sleeping in the terminal without access to this lounge :(. Also around 10 PM it can get kinda crowded, since 1000 Yen is nothing compared to the cost of a hotel, you might feel crowded, but after all this a public lounge, so you can't expect it to be a Concorde Room a la London hehe

Overall, if you have to catch the early morning AA or Delta flight, this is a great and cheap choice!